Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The North Dakota Google Summit is Coming Back to Grand Forks in March!

In June 2014, the North Dakota Google Summit was held in Grand Forks for an outstanding professional learning opportunity for teachers in Grand Forks and across the region. What is a Google Summit?

After the keynote we are all off to four different sessions throughout the day, where participants can learn how to use a tool, delve into the pedagogy behind technology integration or wander into a session that looks into innovative ideas like design thinking or empathy in the classroom or moonshot thinking - an idea inspired by Google. In addition to the peppering of innovative sessions, there are sessions...on Digital Portfolios and Digital Citizenship offered by known experts in those areas. Chris Bell, COO of EdTechTeam, boasts: “We have compiled a group of world class presenters” that make up over 50% of the sessions to ensure the highest quality sessions around. Mix in a great combination of local talent and participants walk away with their minds blown and inspired to make real change in their classrooms. EdTechTeam makes sure that there is a list of experts and innovation specialist to help lead teachers down the pathways of impactful integration. Between sessions there is a break that allows for networking, sharing of ideas, the chance to pick the brain of a favorite presenter, and the creation of relationships that often lead to life-long friendships. (Holly Clark, #GafeSummit - Not Your Dad's PD,  http://bit.ly/1ExWYWZ)

Because of positive feedback after the North Dakota Google Summit in June, we are bringing this quality professional learning back to Grand Forks on March 21st and 22nd, 2015.  Here is what some of the participants said about the North Dakota Google Summit:
“This was a great weekend! There was so much information passed from person to person. Such an amazing collaborative opportunity. I was so glad to have the opportunity to be part of this fun experience.”

“This was a great summit. There was a vast amount of information I can use for my classroom. Since there was so much information it was a good idea to give us access to all the links so we can use them later. Thank you!!”

“This was by far the best, most informative, and most engaging workshop I've EVER attended!!!!”

“The summit was my first to attend. I am just getting started with Google in the classroom. I had an excellent two days at the conference and hope to be able to attend further conferences. I am excited about changing the world one student at a time in our learning environment. It was a privilege to be a part of the summit and to share with my staff. Thank you.”

“Could NOT have been more pleased with the knowledge (and inspirations) I left the conference with. A GREAT use of a Saturday and Sunday even in the summer!”

Check out the following videos about the North Dakota Google Summit (Credit: Carla Haaven)

What makes this summit so special is the ability to have a high-quality national summit in our own backyard.  Many schools and districts are using Google Apps for Education.  Attending the Google Summit contributes to an educators’ overall growth, but will also increase their overall understanding of how Google Apps and technology can transform teaching and learning.  Teachers attending the summit will find a variety of sessions focused on both pedagogy and technical skills, but their students will ultimately be the primary beneficiaries.

We are enthusiastic to bring this high-quality learning opportunity back to Grand Forks.  Please consider joining us at the North Dakota Google Summit in Grand Forks on March 21st and 22nd.

For more information about the North Dakota Google Summit and to register, click

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